3 Steps To Silence

Knock Knock, Barking Dog Course


If you’re ready to transform your in house barking dog, into a sociable, settled and silent family member, then this is the course you need.

Please note the very special Course price offer from the free webinar is only available until Friday 28th February at 10pm. 

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The Renegade Barking Dog Training Course

Scent For Silence

Does your dog’s daily barking frustrate and embarrass you?

Are you tired of trying to regain control of them after they’ve kicked off at a passing distraction?

Don’t give up! You’ve just been doing things wrong is all.  

This 6 week online training course, has been designed to assist you in your barking dog troubles. More specifically to help you get rid of those troubles and focuses on teaching you how to better manage your barking dog both inside and out of the house. 

So, whether your dog is barking at other dog’s or the approaching postman or delivery driver, this is the perfect program to get you back on track and to help you get a quieter canine companion. 

Please note you must have your dog fully vet checked before embarking on this program.  

Sniffing dogs… it can get annoying can’t it when they seem to take foreverrrr checking out and sniffing that patch of grass where another dog’s peed. 

Or perhaps your dog is choosing to continue sniffing and ignoring you after you’ve called them? 

Maybe you’ve got a chaotic dog who you struggle to tire?

The scent for silence course is THE course to be on to better control and calm down your chaotic canine. Nothing compares to this.

The wonderful thing about the world of scent work is you can train, tire and mentally stimulate your dog in a fraction of the time it takes you to walk them. It’s quick, it’s simple but it’s god damn effective. 

Take your dog from start to finish and become a super scent work handler that will aid you with a lot of problem behaviours.