3 Steps To Silence

Calling All Barking Dog Owners

Are You Struggling To Control Your Dog?

  • Do You Find Yourself Constantly Saying ‘No!’ To Your Dogs Incessant Barking?

  • Are You Tired Of Having To Apologise For Your Dogs Behaviour To Those He Barks At?

  • Have You Tried Everything You Can Think Of To Stop This, But Nothing Seems TO Be Working?

  • How About When Your Dog Does Kick Off. It’s A Mighty Challenge Hanging Onto Them Isn’t It. They’re Just So Strong!

Did you know the average pet dog owner makes less than 20% progress with their dogs training a year? And no matter how motivated the owner, how transformative the training, or how passionately the routine is run…

20% is just about all she wrote.

But there’s a key to cracking that code, dedicated to making your daily dog walking dream, a reality. Exactly how to make that happen is exactly what I’ll be discussing with my upcoming and free Barking Dog Masterclass on October 22nd. 

This is going to be one of the best masterclasses around that you’ve tuned into for a long time but also, and as an added bonus for you, this stuff is certified and proven to work. 

Together we’ll cover EXACTLY what every barking dog owner needs to know and do to set themselves, and their dog/s, up for massive success.

It’s gonna be fast-paced, fun, and packed with ideas you can take right to the dog park with you. 

And what’s better is you can look back at and re-listen to ALL of the training again, whenever you need to because once you’re in, you’re in. A 6 week personalised and interactive barking dog training Mastercourse is about to embark. So interactive that I’m going to be doing it with you. 

You’ll get 6 live online classes with Claire. 

Access to the community and resources section 

Playbacks and recordings of all of the teachings. 

6 useful, practical and more importantly proven to work training techniques to assist in helping your dog be much quieter wherever they bark. 

This ones a keeper and this WILL help you progress with your barking dog. Secure your space below and be quick because I want to ensure I can give you the very best experience and more of my time, so with that, I have decided to limit the spaces on this course to just 10 people only. 

Let’s re-write the rules and retrain your barking dog.