3 Steps To Silence

How To Cope with Coronavirus if you're a dog owner. The free training challenge!

With government meetings ever increasing, and Coronavirus impacting our day to day lives, what in gods name do you do when you’re dog is used to lots of outdoor exercise?

Simple answer is you don’t have to walk them!

You can come and learn for FREE how to cope with Coronavirus and mentally exercise your dog without having to leave the house.

The Cope With Coronavirus challenge shares information, advice and daily training tricks and tips you can swipe and deploy to keep your dog happy and self isolation easier to deal with.

Grab Your FREE Barking Dog Training Here!

Don't go without checking out these incredible online training courses too! All Courses reduced to help aid the Coronavirus outbreak and self isolation time

Renegade Barking Dog
A six week transformational course to help you silence your outside barking dog

Scent For Silence
An intensive scent work consisting of 24 training videos. Warning! Not for the faint hearted.

Knock Knock
A six week course to help you to silence your in house barking dog. Your postman won’t recognise your dog after this!

Cope with Coronavirus.
The free mental stimulation challenge to help with isolation and limited exercise.

Teenage Tearaways
Young dog’s full of energy and no off switch? Transform and tire your adolescence right here with six weeks of brain games and activities

Your GSD
A four week introduction starter course to scent work and tracking. Get your German Shepherd using their nose, and doing exactly what they were bred to do!

All payments sent through Paypal to claire@highpeakdogservices.co.uk Please reference which course you are buying when purchasing. Any difficulties, please email and I can send through bank details.