3 Steps To Silence

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Fancy finding out WHY your dog is barking?

Grab yourself a copy of Claire’s is ‘You’d Be Barking Mad Not To!’ book, to discover why your dog is barking, and more importantly how to start solving it!
Claire Lawrence, High Peak DogsClaire Lawrence (32) also known as ‘The Dog Charmer’ is a specialist who runs High Peak Dog’s in the Peak District helping pet dog owners to better manage their barking dogs.
Claire is a firm believer in that in order for the dog’s behaviour to change, you must first change your own, and there are many strategies and techniques that can be implemented to prevent the problem from getting worse and in many cases, fixing it altogether.
Claire has written three barking dog books, available on Amazon, and was due to tour the UK in 2020 with her barking dog seminar; 3 Steps To Silence.
Claire’s clients all come to her with limited confidence and no trust left with their dog. Claire not only works with the dog’s but more so with the owner, to show them what they’re capable of achieving, and how getting the results they want are only a few simple steps away.
‘The Dog Charmer’ADTI SCDP Dog Training Instructor
Author of books ‘3 Steps To Silence’ and ‘You’d Be Barking Mad Not To!’ and ‘Cope with Crisis’
UK events speaker
Winner of ‘IMPACT’ Pet Business Of The Year Award 2019

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Creating confidence Whether raising a puppy, or developing an adult dog, you want to ensure they can cope with, and bounce back from, stressful encounters.

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Member of the week, this week goes too..... 🥁 Sabrina and Rosie! I'm so proud of how far these two are coming along. Taking on

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''It's not really working'' ''It's still hit and miss. He's fine when there is nothing around, but he's still running off immediately at the sight

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Jigsawing your dog solutions together Another show now live where ever you listen to your podcasts: search You’d Be Barking Mad Not To! 🎧 Or

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The other day I was driving, and found my mind wandering off (as it often does) to something I feel quite strongly about, so felt

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Losing a dog is never easy. I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by every single dog who I’ve had the pleasure of helping.

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Building the bond You'll hear us trainers talking a lot about engagement, but what it is? In a nutshell, it's the mutual skill of “offered