3 Steps To Silence

Dealing with the off-lead and intrusive dog

Don’t get me started
You are trying to do the right thing.
Following the barking dog training rules, and spending quality time with them.
And then it happens…
The one thing that’s going to completely ruin everything.
Here it comes.
An off-lead dog charging your way, with an owner oblivious to what is about to happen and even if they do, it’s too late.
They have no recall training and their dog ain’t paying one bit of attention to them calling their name.
The dog could be nice, maybe… could be testing, curious, or only get within a certain range of you. Enough for you to get out of there calmly and unscathed.
But, it’s not looking good. They are off-leash and basically unattended.
When you have your dog on-lead, it’s for a reason, right?
You are doing the right thing training them, helping through their fears of other dogs. You would think people could have the decency to maintain control of their dog and prevent them bolting over to your reactive dog.
But the reality is, they don’t.
Any time you step out with your dog, trying desperately hard to overcome the lunging and barking, your job is to be their advocate and keep them safe to protect their good behaviours. And if there is an off-lead dog, walking, running, or stalking you and your dog, it’s damn near impossible to do.
Yes, easy enough to call the off-leash dog and owner a plethora of unsavoury names, yell, let the ‘F’ bombs fly, but once you let your emotions ratchet up, your dog is right up there with you.
Knowing something is wrong and their emotions will rise with yours. Nothing good happens in that space, for you or your dog. You can’t speak over their barking and you’re left looking like the irresponsible owner who can’t control your dog.
As far as the others can see. It’s your dog who is the problem…
So, what do we do about it?
You could retreat to the mountains every day. Hide away from the off lead dog congregations and never show your face in the dog park ever again?
What about giving up on it all and adapting to the problem?
Slowly watching your dogs behaviour get worse and worse. Awaiting the scared to high heaven snaps or bites they’re going to do when it all gets too much for them…
Or, you could give it another shot and learn how to build your dog up to be able to deal with these encounters more effectively.
To build your confidence again in how to handle the situations, so you’re not left feeling like a failure or anxious wreck every time you go out.
Sound good?
If you want to learn some simple, effective strategies for dealing with off-lead dogs and are hard working, committed and open minded, then you’d better get yourself in to this ‘Dealing with the off-lead dog’ free masterclass to help with exactly that!
– 40 minutes of valuable training
– Sunday October 4th, 6:30pm
– Learn how to create barriers to your bombardments
– Build an increased ability in your barking dog to help them cope with the intrusions
– Training delivered by specialist dog trainer, Claire Lawrence. Author or 3 Steps to Silence.
An easy to understand and fun addition to your dog training. Force free and fully focused on elevating your dogs behaviour. Giving you the confidence to get back out there and tackle the troubles.
Are you ready to make a change?