3 Steps to Silence: The Seminar

Rewrite the rules, and reconnect with your barking dog

November 29th, 6:30pm online

Do you love your dog but hate walking them – and does their incessant barking mean you’ve been a prisoner to social distancing long before any pandemic arrived? 

Do you dread taking them outside, as every walk gets ruined because of the ticking time bomb at the end of lead, who can kick off and ‘explode’ in anger at any given time? 

Don’t give up, because in 3 Steps to Silence, barking dog specialist Claire Lawrence shows you how to rebuild your confidence and regain control of your dog.

You will discover;

How you can diagnose why your dog is barking, and start putting an end to the embarrassing barking behaviour

How to re-connect with your dog and keep their attention laser focused on you, and prevent them entering the ‘red zone’ manic barking phase. Instead being able to enjoy peaceful, street-free outings.

It’s time to quit dreaming of a quieter dog, and finally fix the issue for good.


Last Saturday I went to the 3 steps to Silence seminar. 
Having already got the book which I can highly recommend, I was really looking forward to it.
It was brilliant. Claire’s has such a passion about it that it makes it infectious. It’s so interesting to hear why dogs bark and how to best change it. The atmosphere was great, people talking about their own stories which was good to know that it’s not just you with a barking dog. 
Then we worked with Hunter and Digger Claire’s own dogs what superstars they were.
So now Buster and Harry are going to do their homework 💙💙 – KAREN BRAILSFORD

Hi Clare just to let you know absolutely enjoy the 3 steps to silence seminar yesterday you kept it interesting from start to finish and meeting so many lovely people and how much we had in common it’s not just me that had barking dogs!!!

Once again thank you looking forward to seeing you next month with Maisie x


Claire’s way of writing is down to earth and human, unlike a lot of training books which you need a degree to understand this book really breaks it down and is easy to read, informative but not in your face jargon! – Caren Hill

Hi Claire, Really enjoyed the session on Sat. Carry on the good work. – NIGEL SLATER


Fantastic easy to read book that helps you to identify the type of bark a dog may have and helps you understand why a dog is barking. Interesting to hear the author’s personal experiences and looking forward to hearing more of Titon’s story. -DEBRA MYCOCK