‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’

The Barking Dog Training Course

  • Do you love your dog but hate walking him?

  • Does his incessant barking mean you’re a prisoner in your own home?

  • Is every walk ruined because of the ticking time-bomb at the end of the leash, who can kick off in and ‘explode in anger’ at any time?

Don’t give up, because in this brand new dog training course, barking dog specialist Claire Lawrence shows you how to rebuild your confidence and regain control of your chaotic canine.

You will discover;

  • Why your frantic dog is barking so much?

  • Learn the C.H.A.R.M training method, and start ending this bad, barking behaviour.

  • How to re-connect with your dog and keep their attention laser focused on you, so you can prevent him entering the ‘red zone’ manic barking phase, and instead enjoy peaceful, stress-free outings.

It’s time to quit dreaming about a quieter canine and finally start fixing your barking dog instead.

Please note, this course is on an Application Form basis only AND the first class is without your dog. 

There will be four lessons with your dog, and one without. 

Once you have paid your deposit, you will then be sent an Application Form alongside the terms and conditions. Is successful, you will then receive the full courses details sheet of what you will need and where you need to go.  

Please note I cannot accept dogs who have a bite history towards people or other dogs.