5 Behaviours That Push Your Dog Away

If you’re going through a tough time with your dogs behaviour, or you can sense that your existence to them has all but ended every time something better comes along, this blog is for you.

I want to share with you a checklist from a recent seminar I attended, that resonated with a lot of women handlers in our community.

It’s about 5 Behaviours That Can Accidentally Push Them Away.

Let’s see if you identify with any of them . . .

Now, most women don’t want to have to play games in order to maintain a relationship. We know this from our husbands and partners, right? No nonsense or mind games. 

Yet at a subconscious level, men and women will engage in all kinds of behaviours to alleviate their fears that one day they might suddenly stop being loved.

This pattern can translate into our dog training too, because we wholeheartedly LOVE our dogs
(more than our fellas?…. You can tell me 😉 )

and so you don’t want to think of them running off to someone else, or deciding to lose all interest in us when something better comes along. It’s a touch disheartening, isn’t it?

But any of these possibilities could happen at any moment.

Our dog has to not only choose to stay once, but keep choosing to remain with us on that walk every single day.

Naturally, some people get anxious at this thought and wonder, “How can I make them stay, and make sure they won’t leave?”

So, in an attempt to hold on to the relationship they want, they either:

(a) Accidentally push them away by trying harder to keep them (and repeat this cycle until the dog is full force ignoring, or worse, tolerating them at most things)

(b) Create a relationship full of anxious energy that the dog 100% picks up on and then goes on to affect their behaviour too

Or finally, they may get a third option:

(c) Being unable to deal with it anymore and rehoming the dog

The truth is, all of these possibilities can be avoided.

But to do that, you have to detect where you’re going wrong first.

5 Behaviours That Can Accidentally Push Them Away

1. In an effort to have more quality time together, you pull them away from the things they love

Everyone is in a hurry these days, but a dog can get their biggest kicks, from the things you’re hurrying them on from

2. You worry that your success will take too long and you’re falling behind

Getting a well behaved dog is a journey, not an all is fixed goal by tomorrow, but just as you learning a new skill can take time, it can for your dog too and unless you’ve all but given up, you are never falling behind

3. You wants them to prioritise you, but… you’re using the wrong rewards

Food can get you so far, but in order to build solid foundational trust and long lasting results with your training, you have to look a layer deeper

Once you create distance between you, it can be a hard bridge to mend, but we can mend and improve it. 

4. You rely on them for your happiness

This might be a tough pill to swallow. It’s nice getting a dog to go out on walks with, to improve your mindset and mental health. But before anything else, it’s a commitment and takes work. 

Which means you can’t expect them to bring you what you want from them on your walk, it needs to be taught. 

5. You sacrifice your own plans and desires to keep your dog happy

I both love and detest this one. Love, because you work so hard to ensure your dog is happy, but this can turn into a very dangerous path of resentment IF you’re not careful.

We all want the perfect walk and life with our dog, and we all work so hard to make our lives easier together, but keep an eye out for any resentment creeping in, because it can ruin you both over time.

Many people (men included) recognise themselves in at least one of the above behaviours. 

If you have been inadvertently pushing your dog away, resulting in a never ending game of catch me  (or, at the very least, a serious strain on your dog lead and arm sockets), then I have good news . . .

Not only can I teach you how to reverse these behaviours and step into your most confident, High-Value state together  . . .

. . . but I can also show you how to rekindle your connection with your dog to maximum heights 

This is powerful stuff, but if you’re ready to discover how you can draw them closer instead of pushing them away and reignite the spark in your dog walk, then click here and I’ll show you exactly what to do . . .

In this together, 

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