What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Fear is something that lies within us all. Me, you, your dog and the cat down the road too.

Fear is a natural reaction but when it turns destructive, is when we get problems. I was listening to a podcast over the weekend and also an Audible book called Mastering Fear by Brandon Webb.

He explained that it’s all about a change in mindset and thinking the worst, will generally bring the worst. But by flipping that on it’s head and thinking ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ will soon alleviate any fear you have bubbling inside of you. Or me.

I released my first book on Friday, it’s on Kindle now but do you know, that sharing something as simple as my stories, experiences and knowledge was bloody scary. It was scary because it’s stuff I’ve never really spoken about before.

It’s all in my head and something is constantly telling me I shouldn’t do it. That’s how the brain works, you get a moment of ‘Yes let’s do this’ then before you know it, doubt kicks in. Am I doing the right thing? What if it goes wrong? What if *this* happens? So on and so forth.

And that’s why people very rarely get stuff done. The stuff they wanna do and fix, but don’t do it because they listen to the niggling inside.

In Branden’s book he states five things for mastering fear. Go check it out on Audible because I really enjoyed it.

– Decide
– Rehearse
– Let Go
– Jump Off
– Know what truly matters

You have to make a decision, practice what you want to achieve, Let go off all the niggles, doubts or shit that’s happened before, take the leap and dive in to it and think of the benefits and what will truly matter as you progress and grow.

Be that in yourself or with your dogs training.

I made the decision that for my dogs to progress, I needed to change my environment because the way it was at the time just wasn’t working or helping things.

Think about this today and feel free to let me know by dropping me an email.

Chow for now amigo,

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