Car Calmness Course

Watch This First

Do you want to be able to go for a drive, without feeling on edge every time you stop at the traffic lights?

Are you tired of feeling disheartened at how much your dog struggles to settle in the car, and feel like a piece of your heart breaks each time you see them shaking?

Perhaps, you can start to imagine, what it will feel like, to be able to turn off your car engine and hear … nothing from your dog? 

How about envisioning a drive where you can hear and sing along to your own radio, without hearing Radio WoofM in the background as your dog joins in, in their own little ways


Where shall we go?

I have so many places I want to explore, but I will need a car to get to each of them, and I absolutely want to take my dogs with me. 

So, that’s why this training is in my next set of goals and I’d love to extend an invite for you to join us on this journey. 

Let’s go exploring!

If you’re ready to join me on this next adventure, I encourage you to do this with me for this intake, as I’m live.

You will quite literally have a dog trainer in your pocket who’s prepared to keep you accountable and moving as we get stuck into the dog training 

Train with me. 

Re-adjust your dogs emotions.


If you commit to the process and show up with us, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

I can’t wait to see your dog in a months time


What Do You Get?

Weekly Coaching & Strategy Calls
Each week, we’ll use the time to discuss the week’s task.
This is your time to ask any questions and get direct responses from Claire, for your individual dog
The schedule for the calls will be as follows: 
Tuesday 14th June, 6pm: Relaxation
Tuesday 21st June, 6pm:
Tuesday 28th June, 6pm
Tuesday 5th July, 6pm
Private WhatsApp Group

Delivery of your training will be sent via the private WhatsApp group.

This group is for you to all communicate with each other, upload your training videos, and stay accountable throughout the month’s training. 

There is no shortage of motivation inside a group like this, full of people training and reaching their goals

Live Training Videos with Claire

As Claire is working on this training, in real time, with her own dogs, you will be able to see everything, including where it will go wrong, and how she handles that. 
No edited videos will be used during the making of this training.
Personalised 15 minute coaching call, direct with Claire to iron out the specifics

This is your opportunity to tell Claire exactly what your struggles are, so she can map out a plan of action personalised to your individual dog
Clear Up Your Confidence

This class has been recorded to aid individuals who struggle with their confidence and who wish to improve it, with the lessons to learn within this class. 
The Foundations Five

Five additional, online training and development videos, to ensure training is what you need

and that you haven’t missed any crucial parts in the process to solidifying your end goals
Course For Life!

Are You Ready To Join? 




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