Coronavirus Training Plus


Have you enjoyed the training?

I hope so, because I’ve had some really good fun going back to basics and teaching you some valuable skills to help you through this unprecedented time.

We’ll talk of this in years to come, and you’ll say ‘Remember when I was at home with the dog during that crisis, and we did some super cool training with that Dog Charmer person’

Or something to that effect anyway 😉

What I’ve delivered here is useful for sure, but what we’ve really been doing is creating a habit. A habit where you put down your phone for ten minutes, and train with the dog.

Anyway, if you’re keen to kick on, I’m running another two week challenge but this time, it’s gonna focus on scent work and super searching sniffing games to really tire your dog. What you’ve been doing to date, is really only scratching the surface!

Trust me when I say scent work is GOD in the dog training world, and any dog, of any age or breed can partake in this training. Which will get you more tip top and smoking hot results, just like you have been doing so far!

If you want in on this, then simply click here to secure your space and come join us!