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Leading Dog Trainer Shows You Exactly How You Could Run Successful Training Commands In Just Four Weeks, To Get New Behaviour From Your Dog, Wanted Recognition From Others or An Appointment With Your Dog That Never Gets Rescheduled (by them) And Gets Stuck To, Every Single Day!

Join Us LIVE for an exclusive 4 week Commands Challenge that PROMISES to take you from total beginner to running successful training in just one month. 

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Finally… A Proven Training System That Will Finally Show You How To Consistently Generate More Success, Listening Skills Reliability

The ONLY Dog Training Program on the Planet with a Results Guaranteed and If We Don’t Noticeably Increase Your Training Progress Throughout the Course, You Get A 100% Refund AND Keep The Course!

Don’t waste thousands more hours ”trying to figure it out” or paying expensive consults that only talk, and don’t provide action, under-delivering on what you really want to get – take control of your dogs training & learn from someone who’s ran multiple successful programs for the past 10 years, continually getting massive results, for all of the dog owners 

Whether you’re new to dog training, sick of being ignored by your dog or continually getting stuck in the same vicious cycle of navigating through the dog walking world, or just want to try something new…

Join Me LIVE this Tuesday 11th May, 2021 to learn EXACTLY what it takes to create winning dog training that catapults you above all of the rest!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to dog training, trying to solidify your current training or wanting support on what you need to be doing, next, you can finally have the confidence and consistency in your training efforts, which could increase your chances of getting RELIABILITY from your work, using my 10 years of expertise and knowledge in the game.

Just imagine saying goodbye to banned walking areas because of their behaviour, constant judgements from others watching you struggling day to day, and inconsistent results because you can’t bring yourself to walk them, costing you hundreds of pounds yet to be spent extra, every month, that behaviour is left to develop

This Is For YOU If You Want to Learn How To...

Here’s Your Chance to ”Crack the Commands Code!”

My swipe files combined with the PROVEN strategies and methods I use to generate AMAZING results for my clients (and even my own dogs!) are now YOURS FOR THE TAKING BELOW!

Why would I give all of this away, right now?

Because over the last few years, I’ve got masses of success in my own dogs using this exact system. Then my clients have used it, going on to produce amazing results working in some of the most distracted locations, around other dogs, traffic, people, kids!

I’n known as the ‘Dog Charmer’ -cheesy I know, but that’s what the newspapers and people call me… 

Probably because I’ve been running successful training, and won three times in a row in Good Citizens at Crufts, have spoke on stage all over the UK and have a proven track record of my no BS and down to earth approach, giving feedback that might hurt the heart strings a bit, but is given with your progress and performance in mind. 

Most dog training guru’s, or companies are good at telling you what you want to hear, spending time fluffing up the feedback to make you feel good, but that isn’t what gets you moving and taking action.

So now you're probably wondering... how will this finally help me?

It really comes down to my fundamental approach that is far different to the rest – something I’ve packed into a few key formulas and frameworks, that I’ve tweaked, optimised, and tested over and over again, until they’ve proved to be SUCCESSFUL

Now, they are packaged in a way where you can FINALLY swipe them for yourself and learn from them as and when you can, with ease.

Whether you’ve never tried them and want to get started, or even if you’ve tried them before but are now ready to take them to the next level!

Here’s Your Chance to ”Ethically Steal” Thousands of Pounds of proprietary Information PLUS all of My Templates You Can Literally Copy Right Into Your Dogs Training System on top of what you’re working on!

This is the first time I’ve ever done this scale and type of thing…

Literally giving away all of my secrets and everything I’ve worked hard for over the years, so you can model them for your own training sessions

I’m basically giving you a free license to use my winning training methods as inspiration for you and your dog, learn what goes into the same frameworks I’ve used to get to where I am today, and use all of my videos and templates to improve your chances of success!

What you’ll discover inside the course, and the library is What’s Working NOW after lockdown, with all the increase in new dogs, around

NOT a bunch of outdated strategies and tips that don’t work with the worlds most recent pandemic disasters

This could literally save you hours of headaches, frustration, and stress trying to figure out what will work.

And it is guaranteed to save you hundreds of pounds in wasted assessments and consultations, elsewhere!!

For the First Time Ever, I’m opening it out and giving away all my winning strategies and files in a 4 week Course and Coaching you LIVE

It’s your chance to learn and change your dog walking life using my proven methods

PLUS You’ll Get LIVE Coaching on WhatsApp and Access to the Evolution Facebook Group with me and my members for the next 31 days!

PLUS you get access to ALL of the call recordings so you can enjoy the trainings ''on demand''!

Learn how to train your dog, RELIABLY for the first time, and every time to ask them!

How many times have you lost sleep (and money) when trying again with their behaviour? 

Not knowing whether what you’re doing is actually working, or whether it was just lucky then to find it breaks down or hasn’t actually worked at all?

Now you don’t have to go through any of that!

When you finish my 4 week course, you’ll have a behaviour polished and on cue, plus insider knowledge from all of the resources and bonus’ to continue creating killer training methods for virtually any behaviour you want

All of your training can be modelled and applied to anything else you want to teach that outperform hundreds of others. 

You’ll get all of my official winning swipe files, workbook, video demonstrations, Mastermind talks and recordings for the whole month, to use as inspiration for further ideas, angles and progressive training. 

And the LIVE coaching calls are where you can get your most burning questions about anything relating to your dog, answered by Claire to make sure you’re doing it all right!

FINALLY! Learn how to ”Plug and Play” Your Dogs Interest To another level using expert and inside information that heightens you above everyone else, so that your dog is laser focused on you, and nothing else will ever matter.

Please note, depending on the severity of your dogs current behaviour, will determine how many distractions you can work around. 

This course is GUARANTEED to get you progress and a behaviour polished on first ask. 

The only thing stopping the distractions training, will be where you are, right now. 

Here's Your Schedule for the month for the Crystal Clear Course

There is nothing worse than walking out and being banished by your dog. 

Compliance is becoming harder everyday, but luckily for you I work directly with all of these issues on a day to day basis.

Enabling you to by pass the problems, with ease

Before You Go...

Alongside everything being offered in this course, the whole life and soul of me.

I’ve decided to give away three FREE Bonus’ (I know, I’m super generous!)

Hop on a free call with Claire to kick off your training challenge and get yourself situated. We’ll learn a little more about you and your dog, so you can get the most out of this training and the BEST possible RESULTS for your individual needs.


Claim your copy of Claire’s BEST SELLING Barking dog book ‘3 Steps To Silence’ to get an even deeper insight into why dogs bark, and learn more of the stories Claire herself has been through, but more importantly how she got out of them

Full access to Claire’s online learning platform Evolution, gaining access to over 100 training videos, with additional weekly topic calls with the group, and insider peeping on what her members are currently working on with their training 

All of this PLUS the bonus' for one incredibly low price ...

And you’re protected by my 100% satisfaction warranty

Just one small payment of £97

Hundreds of people are applying these methods, gaining daily success with their dogs. If you want to crack the code AND progress like a pro, this really is a ”No Brainer” for you!

It’s almost like I’m handing over the ”keys to the kingdom”

The stuff people pay me hundreds and hundreds of pounds for and it’s all yours for just £97 right now!

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