Doors to Evolution Are Open!

Lockdown bought with it some pretty intense challenges. And dog training, or life with the dog wasn’t any different.

We are seeing such a huge rise in temperament with dogs being under-socialised, suffering when being left alone and increasing their barking through either frustration, over excitement or unfortunately, fear.

I created Evolution during the first lockdown after I had been supporting families with their dogs and helping to train them some fun activities when we were like caged animals and couldn’t go out and everyone loved it!

So much so, that they continued to ask me for more. 

So, here it is

The place where you can indeed, Evolve.

Exceeding Expectations and dedicated to helping you Re-write the Rules, and retrain your dog

Here’s what you get:

  • Immediate access to more than 70 how to train your dog, videos inside to start learning on what you need as soon as you get inside

  • Weekly live Monday Mastermind call with Claire, to deep dive into some of the most fascinating topics of canine training, plus regular Q&A time & additional training challenges

  • Fully functioning forum to share your progress, stay on track with your goals and remain accountable in your journey (did you know you are 80% more likely to complete your goal, once you write it down?)

  • Private Evolution Facebook group. Share your videos with the community, and watch the other members work

  • Access to in person training days, once a month with your Evo team members local to you, or with Claire here in Buxton. Practice with people who can aid your learning, with their under control dogs and on lead dogs

All of this for just £57 per month! 

If you’re not completely satisfied with your placement inside of Evolution, you can cancel at any time and we will issue you a full refund if you cancel within the first week. 

”I thought I’d learn a lot about dog training working with Claire for the past few months, but wow there is so much more!! With evolution there’s ton of content that helps with your that helps with your mindset and knowledge about behaviour, as well as detailed practical training tips. Whether you’re a first time dog owner like me, or a pet professional looking to brush up on skills. this membership is a must!” Claire Thorpe & Loki

”Evolution is an Aladdin’s cave for dog training, the detailed content along with training videos totally exceeds my expectations. Without doubt would highly recommend to achieve your training goals” – Debbie Mycock and Jarvis

”Evolution totally exceeded my expectations, full of informative, fun and easy to follow training videos. Also detailed explanations of your dog’s behaviours. I would highly recommend Evolution to anyone who wants to understand their dog, and further their training’‘ – Wendy Lambert and Cassie

We’re so confident in our training community and experience, that if you’re not completely satisfied and you’ve made a clear effort to put the training into practice, we’ll refund your money after the first month, in full, no questions asked.