Making Ambivalent Goals Into Certainty

Do you want further help with your barking dog? 

What you’ve learned at the 3 Steps To Silence Seminar will most certainly help you to prevent the barking problem from getting worse but this is management and not training to eradicate the behaviour completely. 

As dog trainers and professionals, what we are after, is a dog who CHOOSES themselves not to bark. Instead of owners having to constantly tell them not to or manage them forever.

Sure, there are some dogs who will forever need management but over 80% of dogs who bark can actually be fixed, if only owners knew how. 

At this event you will not only learn more about the advanced and skilled training techniques in action, but I will also be sharing my silence success secrets AND you will see four dogs being transformed in front of your eyes on the day. 

Handler spaces are limited to FOUR only. 

Spectators spaces are available but also limited. 

20% discount offer will change and end on October 31st 2019.