Ready for a calmer, confident and more manageable dog who you are proud to take for a walk?

Are you struggling to control your chaotic dog on a daily basis, and wishing you had more assistance in how to get them better behaved?

Is it a constant worry when you’re out on what it is they’re going to do next? 

The dragging and pulling on the lead, them not listening to a word you say, until you loose your shit, the stress, embarrassment, drama day in, day out. It gets hard and tiring trying to manage them. I know it does, because I’ve been there. 

During the global pandemic, 99.9% of dog trainers (and many others I’m sure) were forced to go online, to be there for people and provide them with things to do and focus on, when life was in a whirlwind. A storm sweeping havoc across the nation, and a time where the only positive thing in our world were the dogs we had to train with. 

I, like many others, decided to focus on the things we could control. The things which made us happy and the things that pushed out learning to a whole other level. The Cope with Coronavirus challenge group was born, and after two weeks of daily training, they wanted more. 

I couldn’t set up the groups quick enough as they came to me with ‘What’s Next Claire’ ‘Can we continue training online, as I live too far away from you’ 

You can read the testimonials from some of the group below. And they kept asking, even when things calmed down and life started getting back to normal. They’ve experienced the fun training, the serious sniffing stuff and the reactivity roadmaps to help them to get better control of their dogs behaviour and now you can too!

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