Reboot Crash Course

Want To Have Better Dog Walks While Avoiding The *OUTDATED METHODOLOGY* That's Sucking Away Your Time & Energy?

The Reactivity Reboot Crash Course

is for the reactive dog owner looking for a repeatable, step-by-step solution for having BETTER dog walks with LESS stress!

Can I be real with you? 

That outdated, dominance theory method, that has you crossing your fingers & hoping for improvements, has got to go

You know what I’m talking about, right?

You pour your heart and soul into training your dog, with all of the information you can find from either Google, YouTube or free webinars you come across from time to time

and get stuck into what you’ve been told is a ton of POWERFUL and VALUABLE information.

And at first, it seems like everything is going great!
You’ve got tons of rewards waiting, loads of engagement, and you become obsessed with what you’re putting together.
But then you go to progress…
And it’s crickets.
Okay, okay, not totally crickets. You make some progress.

But it doesn’t have the same vigour you started out with and you’re stuck behind those hairy scary goals you set for a lot longer than you thought you were going to be,

and when you look at all of the work and energy that you’ve put in, you start thinking to yourself:
Is this even worth it?


Because honestly… there’s a much better way of doing this.
You know, one that doesn’t require you to…

Cross your fingers and HOPE that after you’ve spent a tonne of time (and money) that the ‘right advice’ will just fall into place for you (why are you settling for unqualified advice anyway?!)

Switch training strategies all of the time. Instead you can produce consistent results throughout the rest of the year because you’re chasing a better version of yourself now and not that good ol’ novelty factor.

Drain your bank account trying to find your solutions that you’re not even sure you’ll be able to afford by the time everything is said and done.

Burn yourself out dealing with difficult situations or people who aren’t a right fit for helping you progress anyway (but end up sticking their ore in anyway).

The Fact Of The Matter Is, You’re Too Busy To Be Riding This Merry Go ‘Round Any More

If you’re ready to get serious about having training that brings in serious results time and time again, then you have to break the cycle and find a strategy that’s actually repeatable and reliable

One that brings you a dog you’re going to LOVE walking again

One that you are willing to invest into to produce your perfect life

Good thing we've got what you're looking for!