Reactivity Reboot

An Easy & Proven Way to Gain More Reliability, On Your Reactive Dog Walk

Most reactive dog training is boring and all those free challenges you’ve entered, haven’t sustained long term results for you …

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Hey! How’s it going? It’s Claire

I’m the founder of The Reactivity Reboot Crash Course, and I’m here to help you move out of the “hope mode” and into the ‘predictable mode’.

But first… let’s address the elephant in the room.

The dog training space is changing — and you’re probably feeling pretty damn exhausted searching Google and Social Media pages, only to see your progress barely break even

Stuck in a cycle of ”What advice is right?”

I hear you. I reached my own “F THIS” moment with the millions of Google hits I was presented with a good few years back, and since then, I’ve been working hard to discover what really makes reactive dogs ‘tick’

With that, I’ve managed to develop my very own tried and truly tested, live launch model that converts procrastination into progress time and time again…

…and it progresses your training together quickly and kindly, without having to constantly tell your dog off for doing it

It’s called the crash course Reactivity Reboot — and it’s been delivering some unimaginable RESULTS like CRAZY for me and for my clients.

How To Calm A Reactive Dog In 3 Simple Steps


Buy into your life together for under £50 to our 3 day LIVE online reactivity training event. Registration is open for 10-14 days only and we’re looking to get as many people signed up, and in better control of their reactive dogs, as possible.


Help your training progress and stay accountable each day inside our private Facebook Group. This is your chance to deeply serve yourself and your dog with a highly qualified dose of professional information, to aid your training


Perfect your partnership at the end. Watch your connections rates, skyrocket when you perfect your partnership together vs endless daily battles of hanging on for dear life or constantly apologising for their behaviour



How do I know if this is right for me?

I’ve designed this system for the reactive dog owner who knows their dog has the potential to succeed with this, and has a positive, open-minded mindset, to be ready to try again.

Whilst I appreciated owning a reactive dog is hard, I like to see that you still have some positivity and discipline about you, instead of constantly whinging about it. In order to make this work, it’s a must that you can bounce back after set backs 

It’s also for you if you are tired of freebie seeking and sick of the ‘research’ absorbing all of your time and energy which inevitably is stopping you from growing. This will be your path to running a new style, that is more progressive and allows you to work only with your best selves.

How long will it take?

The crash course will be for three days, but you’ll keep the course content for life.

Most of our clients who take our crash course, then continue to train within the group, and some even go on further to work more intensely with us. It’s always recommended to work through each module properly and take your time to suit your dogs individual pace before hitting “go” on the next challenge. Rushing almost always equals re-building. 

When you grab our crash course, you can also save time by using the resources you get like training videos, planners, masterclasses and insights.

What other tools will I need to make this work?

Most of the tools you will need you’ll already have. Collar, Harness, Lead, Dog Food, Toys, etc, you’ll have it all.

In the instance of more personalised information, you may be recommended to go and purchase something, but I will always try and help you, with what you’ve got, first. 

Does this work for every dog?

I have worked with hundreds of clients in a multitude of different dog breed from beagles to border collies, to doodles to springers.

As long as you have a dog who eats and can walk, this will work for you.

Due to the individuality of the dog and yourself, I will of course, cater to suit different needs.

Tweaks are what we call them, but the base line training often remains very similar 

Do you recommend or use punishment in this?

When it comes to the word punishment, it’s often a heavily debated and controversial topic.

Your dog won’t be subjected to any punishment what so ever, during this crash course. If anything, I try to avoid that, but I don’t consider myself a fluffy, no force at all, kind of dog trainer.

When it comes to corrections and punishment, I do use them in my curriculum, but they are not what you’ll probably be thinking, they are.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Each of my programs have their own money back guarantees.

I don’t want unhappy people in my programs, so if you get inside and you’re not wholeheartedly happy with what you receive, just reach out to us at the provided email address, and we’ll refund you no problem.

An Easy & Proven Way to Gain More Reliability, On Your Reactive Dog Walk