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Meet your trainer:

Claire Lawrence (33) also known as ‘The Dog Charmer’ is a fully qualified dog training instructor and specialist who runs High Peak Dog’s in the Peak District, helping pet dog owners to better manage their barking dogs. Claire recognised there was a great need for preventing the barking problem from getting worse, without having to have the full alphabet after your name.

Claire is a firm believer that in order for the dog’s behaviour to change, you must first change your own, and there are many things we can do right now, to prevent these problems from getting worse, and in many cases, fixing it altogether.

Claire has written three barking dog books which are available on Amazon and is touring the UK with her barking dog seminar; 3 Steps To Silence, in 2021.

Claire’s clients all come to her with limited confidence, a broken down relationship and no trust left in handling their dog’s. Claire not only works with the dog’s, but more so with the owners to show them how capable their dog is of achieving success, but also how getting the results they want are only a few simple steps away.

Claire made the decision to travel down this training path, because she has experienced first hand how difficult a lunging, barking dog can be to deal with, and wanted to help people who were struggling with them too.

Claire has worn the barking dog t-shirt and has had to deal with a 60kg dog of her own who would, and did bite someone, taking off a limb. She knows exactly how dangerous and difficult it is, to contend with. Claire is a qualified chef, has kept pigs and finally settled for being a canine parent to four of her own dog’s, two German Shepherds and two terriers.