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Urgency to succeed? Good, because you’re in the right place!

If you’ve got the power to raise your learning level and are the sort of person who acts upon what they learn, without losing the motivation or determination, then you’ve got a very good chance of succeeding with your goal

Many think it’s too hard, too woo woo or takes too long to complete, and are forever looking for that quick fix.

Truth of the matter is, when it comes to behavioural issues, these quick fixes simply don’t exist in the dog training world, especially if you want something ethical and fair to your dog too. Example, I wouldn’t dream of using physical punishment on my dogs to get them to comply to my requests, instead I offer them something they want and really like in exchange for a good behaviour.

Then what happens is, those good behaviours get repeated. We can quite literally re-wire their barking brains into staying silent more often, but as with anything there’s a process you have to follow to get there.

You need the P.P.E system

That’s Prevent, Produce and Exceed program

I think it’s one of the best savvy and succinct guides to truly getting the dog you want, and are happy to live and work with. Every dog owner, should be able to understand and control their dog with kindness, compassion and consistency.

It’s why I urge pet dog owners, and other professionals, to aim higher, move up to having reliable responses in their dogs and turn sporadic sessions into sophisticated and stronger habits.

  • How vulnerable are you when your dog yanks forward on the lead? Using all of their strength and weight to take you where they want to go.
  • How fragile is your relationship? Does your dog listen to you, or ignore you at every given opportunity…
  • How weak are your walls? Does every outing or incident create a scatter of concrete, ready to tumble down on you at any given moment. Can you see the carnage before your very own eyes?

Consider this reversed…

  • Imagine not ever having to worry about being dragged down the street, or pulled off your feet ever again.
  • What if you could turn that ignorance around into having a dog who is all eyes on you, irregardless of what’s going on around you.
  • How about reinforcing the strength of that collapsing concrete wall, and prevent it from caving in around you. Taking your dog from rebellious to revolutionary in a matter of weeks

How does that sound?

If you do not have control over how your dog behaves either inside or out of the house, then I can guarantee you won’t make any real progress with them until you improve the experience and start working much smarter with them.

I believe every decision, action, or thing you do either increases or diminishes the connection you have with your dog. And if they aren’t doing what you ask of them, then you’re doing it all wrong.

If you’re compromising calm for chaos with your dog and find you spend more time telling them off than telling them they’re doing a good job, then you are killing off the real progress you could be having with them.

Shall we begin?

Before you apply to become a P.P.E Member, you need to first work through the 7 day Rebels Recruitment roadmap.

This will help to bring your learning up to speed and provide a taster of whats to come.

You need to become disciplined and determined, because it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you focus, and these need completing before you dive into the training content.

Let’s get going…

Rebels Lesson One

Welcome to the reactive rebels roadmap! Be sure to work you way through the roadmap and do each one step by step. This is not…

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Rebels Lesson Two

Ok, so you’ve got your vets appointment booked and here we are at Lesson Two of the reactive rebels roadmap. Grab yourself a pen and…

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Rebels Lesson Three

Exercise. Are they having enough? Are they having too much? Let’s take a look at what exercise you should be doing, and why I think…

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Rebels Lesson Seven


Are you clear and consistent, or hit and miss?


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