The Seminar

Tour Dates

Worcester September 18th 

Hosted by Hound Helpers Ltd


Edinburgh: September 4th

Hosted by Edinburgh Holistic Dogs. 

Seminar starting promptly at ****PM, covering the 3 Steps To Silence, Re-write the Rules and Retrain your fearful barking dog.


Edinburgh: September 5th

Hosted by Clan Canines

Seminar starting promptly at ***AM, covering The Pandemic Puppies: Your guide to re-socialise 

Helping to keep pandemic puppies and owners together.


Wales September 11th

Hosted by MadHatter Dog Training

Seminar starts promptly at 1:30pm covering …..


Wrexham September 12th

Hosted by Beastly Thoughts 

Seminar starts promptly at 11am covering …..