Hear what the fellow pub goers had to say about their first group client only training session

Dotti & Scout

Scout encountered  5 dogs yesterday, without a flicker!

2 Spaniels across the the road who he didn’t notice but did when they crossed and followed us. Looked around but nothing else.

Then on a 1 track lane, dog 1: a very well behaved spaniel, sat back on the verge on its lead while the owner took a picture.

Dogs 2 and 3.
2 terrier types on longish leads coming towards us with an owner, with a young baby on his back and his wife. we went off the road and up a bank a bit for this.  both.

Dotti and Scout sat where i popped the treats in the grass, which they found and consumed!

The mother then decided to put mittens on the baby just opposite us, so they all stood there for what seemed like and age (5 minutes). Scout just carried on sitting and finding his treats and munching! Not a flicker. The mother did say after a while oh our timing is bad!

So grateful to you and pleased with him. I can’t tell you. – Sue Johnson


We are so pleased with Jarvis’ progress since training with you, he is developing into a very sociable, calm and focused dog. He has been easily distracted especially by other dogs, so a massive thanks to you and the lovely Skye for helping with this, what an improvement!

– Debra Mycock


Took loki on the golf course. Off lead almost the whole time except near the sheep. Excellent recall. Even away from doggie friends.
Keep practising. It works.
Thanks Clare – Beth Webb


Barney was a very hyperactive dog and we were struggling to keep this under control both in the
house and out on walks, especially when other dogs are around.

We noticed Barney change instantly, using his brain more with puzzles in the house and when out on walks means he has become more content at home and not over stimulated. As dog owners we have become more confident in how to handle Barney’s needs and the worry of meeting other
dogs when out has lessened.

We are very happy with the service and it’s great that such a wide range of services are offered. Claire is fantastic at what she does and offers a wealth of knowledge whilst keeping the sessions fun.

it’s great to see that he is enjoying his walks more, and seems more happy and content at home. We couldn’t be happier with how it is
going so far! – Georgie Mycock

”Claire is so kind and encouraging, she has amazing knowledge and experience but still makes every client feel valued and supported”- Belinda Melvin

Taffy Dog (aka totally bonkers hound) and I found the course incredibly useful. It was brilliant for him to be surrounded by other dogs and learn to focus on me and I think the biggest lesson learned was by me, in learning a different approach to working with Taffy to improve his behaviours rather than just getting cross when he misbehaved, and also learning to notice all the good stuff he already does like continually checking in with me on walks. I took so much from the course and have continued using the methods taught by Claire to keep Taffy more focussed on me than everything else going on around him. I know it’s going to be a long slog but already I am seeing great results and enjoying playing games and trying to think of inventive ways to help Taffy concentrate. I would thoroughly recommend the training sessions to anyone battling with an unruly hound. It was also lovely to meet all the other people on the course and work together as a group – altogether a very positive experience. Alison Broady.

The outside training course was very professionally run but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As well as training techniques the key point I took away was around understanding how dogs think and the importance of mental as well as physical stimulation. I would certainly recommend the course and in fact will be returning with one of my other dogs. Nigel Slater

”Louis endeavoured to learn to ignore distractions and is making progress. You are providing a much needed service to dog owners” Simon Hill

”I cannot recommend Claire  enough!! I took my Border Terrier pup to her puppy and junior classes and learnt exactly what i needed to and more, the younger the better! I’m over the moon with him! He listens to me, goes off the lead and is great with other dogs, calm with kids, focuses when i need him too, loves going in his cage! Loves going in the car…. the list goes on!! Thanks!!!” Lois Rowlands

”Excellent thats what Claire is, the approach to training your dog is really good, we’ve enjoyed going to puppy class and we like our pup are learning with each class we go to. A big thank you” Brendan Slater

”EXCELLENT, highly recommend. Don’t want our 6 weeks to end. Thanks guys.x” Kathryn Wilson

”Just finished a course of one to one puppy training classes with my 7 month springador pup- Duke. I cannot recommend Claire’s service enough, she’s absolutely brilliant and I’m so happy with duke’s progression and behaviour!” Amy Stenhouse