Barking Dog Tour 2020

3 Steps To Silence: The Seminar

Update: Due to COVID 19 some tour dates have been postponed until 2021

Are you a dog owner who struggles to manage your barking dog? 

Tired of feeling deflated and frustrated at your dog’s daily barking? 

This wasn’t what you signed up for, right? You’re dog is so loving and sweet whilst snoozing and away from distractions, but get them outside and they transform into a ticking time bomb, where you’re waiting for them to explode at the next thing you come across.

It’s tiring, it shatters your confidence and you can’t go on living this way. It will break you.

You needn’t worry any more my friend, because I’ve been there and I’m going to be sharing my best kept secrets in this highly sought after and completely revamped barking dog seminar which is hitting the road for 2020.

The mission is to help you learn how to better manage your barking dog. And you can do that, providing you get your ass on board and grab yourself a ticket. 

Attendees will receive a welcome pack alongside a freshly printed copy of my barking dog book upon arrival. Don’t leave this until the last minute because spaces will go.

Please note Worcestershire, Wrexham and Stockton on Tees dates have been changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. New dates listed below

October 3rd: Edinburgh

October 10th: Manchester

October 24th: Leeds

November 21st: Buxton

Please note this is a no dog event.

Contact the hosts for each seminar with any booking enquiries.

Let the show commence!