Calling all barking dog owners…

– When the clock ticks towards ‘walkies time’, do you feel anxious and afraid at the thought of taking your dog outside?

– Is every walk ruined by your dog’s erratic behavior, and do you feel and overwhelmed where to begin trying to fix it?

– Do you feel upset and angry why your dog could possibly be acting this way? This wasn’t what you signed up for when you got a dog….

Don’t worry, help is at hand. If happy, quiet walks are a distant memory and now you face the daily barking battle complete with shoulder jerking outbursts, then this book holds the answers to your dog owning prayers.

Dealing with a serial barker is the most annoying, frustrating and challenging dog training problems you will ever face. It brings shame, worry and makes you and your four legged friend the outcasts of the dog park. But, did you know that when your dog barks he is trying to tell you something?

You see, dogs don’t speak English. They speak dog, and if you want to turn off the constant bark-a-thon at the end of the lead, you need to learn how to translate those woofs into words!

In ‘You’d Be Barking Mad Not To!’ The Dog Charmer, Claire Lawrence will show you how to identify which of the three most common types of barking your dog is suffering from. In this book you will learn: – Why your dog barks and what they are really saying to you when they use it.

– Why shouting doesn’t work and instead learn more about the dog charmers, calmer ways which will quieten and calm them down. – What can turn a quiet and problem free pooch, into a barking menace at any time of their life, and why this isn’t your fault!

You’ll learn the honest, heartfelt horror story of her first experience with a 60kg lunging, growling, barking, snapping and biting dog. Clare is a dog trainer who has ‘been there, done that, got the shameful t-shirt’, and now she gives you the unvarnished, jargon free, no BS solutions to fixing your own barking dog.

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