Tired Of Those Shoulder Jerking, Lead Lunges?

How many times have you been praying to whatever is in those heavens above, and wished for a peaceful, stress-free dog walk?

Gone are the days of serenity and calmness. Instead, you are now faced with a ticking time bomb on the end of the lead, ready to explode with barking, at any given moment.

I know how you feel. I could once, only truly enjoy the company of my dog Titon when we were inside the house and there were no other distractions around.

Titon’s story was one which took us on a journey into the unknown. One where we went against all of the well meaning advice given. Punishment made his behaviour worse.

He went from perfect to problematic. To even more problematic, before heading back to being perfect again. At the grand of age of 12, Titon could once again enjoy his walks, and I could too!

If you want to hear more about my first experiences with a full blown and would bite barking dog. Head to ‘The Tale of Trouble’ website page. It’s an emotional and mind blowing story, I am sure you as a barking dog owner will relate to.

Today, I am owned by Skye and Hunter the German Shepherds above and two terrorists, I mean terriers! Digger and Lilly.

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