Your GSD

Re-write the rules & Re-train your barking dog

The German Shepherd Dog.

There is also something extraordinary about this particular breed. It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re in situations with your barking dog, but when you add the breed type into the mix, they’re bad reputation and rare qualities can land you both in hot water. 

On the topic of personalities, I believe German Shepherd owners hold an even rarer quality.

If you struggle to find people who can keep up with your non-stop analysis of things. Perhaps you are constantly imaginative, yet decisive. Ambitious yet like your privacy. Curious about everything but remain focused. Have a natural thirst for knowledge perhaps, then you’re likely a lot like me.

Before delivering this challenge, I had been thinking about a lot more about who I was as a person, and GSD owner and how my personality type, was likely to identify with the ‘label’. 

Barking GSD’s. Have you got one?
If you’re struggling to control your German Shepherd, and the sounds of their bellowing is driving you to the brink of destruction.
Or perhaps you wouldn’t mind them barking so much, only if they’d shut up when you asked them too?
Either way, if you’re a GSD owner and want to find out more about why your dog is barking, and more importantly how to start fixing it, then come and join me, Claire Lawrence author and UK barking dog speaker, in my free 12 week training challenge where I’ll be delivering weekly training videos and audio masterclasses about how you can turn the woofing around into a more manageable and enjoyable GSD owning experience once again.
Click the link to sign up, and as a bonus you’ll receive a free PDF copy of my first barking dog book, You’d Be Barking Mad Not To!

That’s the title of the book, but you would be barking mad to miss this 😉